Saturday, 21 March 2015


Hey guys, it's Roxy here. I thought I'd finally tell you guys properly what's happening with me. I know I've been on and off MSP for the majority of 2014 and all of 2015, I want you guys to know how much I love you all. I have messaged a lot of people 'LIVE FOR LOVE! <3' which was sort of promoting this long waited blog post. 

Well I came back at the beginning of March and said to you I would finish my series however the views weren't good because of glitches. Glitches have took over MSP, making it unbearable to even be there. I will come on Sometime but I won't be finishing the series I started. Sorry to my fans who enjoyed it, let's just say Jes and nightmare bride are dead loool!!! 

MSP is a glitch in itself, hopefully MSP will sort it's problems out, doesn't seem to care atm tho! I don't care if I get banned for the next paragraph I write...

One of the most amazing kind creative girls I have ever met who made the game 10000000000000000x better for me was locked. Alisha deserves her account back! Exepecially when you have SCUM who call people's parents and wish death soon them still playing. Makes me sick!! Alisha is 100x better than anyone on my blocked list, and tbh I don't care what any of you have to say. Your blocked for a reason and I don't want any justification!! The game is basically ran by Angelings. I don't even care anymore, I like what angelings stand for, I said it before and I won't go back on that. I feel like it will lose its ways however, hollys group is for peace, why be mean to people and not respect your leader. She does great with her awareness groups, show love to people. I don't hate the angelings. But yeah, don't lose the message you guys were originally trying to spread hating on people(y) i have no problems with them or even Holly anymore, it's the other leader I'll never forgive lol, I won't speak about them anymore because I don't want to cause anymore problems than I've caused in my time on MSP lol

I thought this would be a good chance to mention that, however I'm gonna continue about Alisha, people say she deserves the lock but compared to some people she is a true Saint. She is my best friend and I honestly think the game will never be the same. Have you guys not noticed how many people are leaving because of how SHIT the game has become? Me, isha, chuck, Fran (she's there but not properly) obviously vintage and missisha, candired, stardust, groovy, and MSP deprives you guys of someone who actually wanted to stay and make amazing movies, it's pathetic!! I know I don't like all the people I listed but we all have the fact we loved MSP and now don't in common. 

WHY doesn't MSP see what it's done, it's drove us ALL away!! MSProblem!!!

I won't be on MSP next year THATS 100% sure because I personally can't be there and I have a crap laptop and don't care enough to get another one. That doesn't mean I don't care about my fans.. I honestly love you guys all so so much, I don't think Yous could believe me if I told YOUS how much. You made me feel important and like I belonged somewhere for 4 whole years. You guys made my life!!

People should be asking the question is MSP really safe? Maybe for someone who is my age (11-18) who knows the Internet well enough however for people under that age it really isn't! 

 Read them here:


Anyway now you guys know how I feel...
FUCK MSP:pp waited so long to say that!!! Hahahhahaha!!

Another reason to leave lol


The queen of pop madonna new song has inspired me to speak my Mind. From the queen of pop to the princess of MSP;) I am so done with that title!

I will probably make another post soon! Thank you for reading. 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

As you can see I have changed the blog around abit, I've turned it into more of an IMVU blog than MSP. I will still post about MSP. You guys are probably wondering 'Who is Roxe' but thats my Imvu name. Feel free to add me, I will try accept!

Love Roxy

Thursday, 2 October 2014

I've just sent this to MSP lol: 

'I'm starting to think I come here more than the actual game. There is a bunch of new problems that I'm gonna walk you through. Despite you's still not fixing artbook highscores or missing messages, since you added that piggy bank (useless) its brought a lot of problems with it. WHY ARE U BRINGING NEW STUFF WHEN YOU CANT LOOK AFTER THE STUFF YOU CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

 Props are going missing. You have to find the prop the first time you brought it and the new one should be next to it, which is pages & pages long, aha well done *claps*. Another one is when you click on artbooks they don't even come up anymore, you have to click around 3 times for them to come up *claps*. This game isn't Moviestarplanet its moviestarPROBLEM. I'm telling you now people won't stand for this, people will quit & won't come back. Meaning no vip, no cash. What will you do then, FIX FIX FIX IT!!!!!!'

These problems aren't okay, this game isn't okay. I am not going to renew my VIP or buy anymore packages until MSP fix these problems, I hope people stand up & fight with me. I want the game back. Idc if you don't like me, do it for the game.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


I have just read Holly's blog and I agree, I want the hate to end. I have done bad things in my time I'll admit that, I just want the hat to end. I won't blog anymore either, I really want this to end. Here is my final words: I won't blog about them again, I won't make arts or movies and I hope my friends don't either, I'm leaving it now, blog if u want, call me names Idc, this is it.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I haven't posted in a while, thought I would. I've been very poorly & busy irl, I've only been back properly for a couple days. I went to Imvu to see I have a lot of gifts of people, I'm so grateful. The first one is my newest one (and my fave) I love the Kendal Jenner top I'm wearing in it :D Then the other two I've had for around a week. Anyway just thought i'd update you's randomly, byee!x

Monday, 1 September 2014

Did we.. break MSP? :D

Me, Isha, Fran, Polo & Chuck are all pleased to say 'Heroes Day' went really well. I got lots of great photos and made new friends. This has been a day of peace and co-existence with everybody on MSP. Its been fantastic. However one downer was that most of the rooms we were planning the events in.. you couldn't enter and this sign came up.. doesn't this show how much hero support there is ;)

Its fair to say that ALOT of people turned up. When we finally got on we took lots of great photos with many different people. I took mostly group ones. You can check Polo & Ishas blog or Frans for more pictures soon. Ill put the links at the end. Here are some of the pictures of today. See if you can spot yourself!!

This picture was took when I first got there, Don't I look all snowy? I love the castle in the background, I had to send HeroesUnite it from Roxy-1 but it was worth it.

This picture is of me and fellow hero/one of my closest MSP Bestie Fran. We are along side some of our greatest fellow heroes!

Me, casually trying to look cool doing the Ice hero Pose.. I was singing let it go.. LOL

 This is a group photo, I am  so pleased we got the turn out we did, shame more people couldn't of got into the rooms. We made the day as good as we could off.

And finally me having a sneak peak and ice blast in Ishas room :D Doesn't it look cool? 
We will keep you posted on what is to come next with Heroes but we can tell you this is just the beginning. Another thing, thank you for the views on my Hero related series 'Ice Hero Story' things are about to get alot more dramatic so keep tuning in. Thank you so much. Love you all.

If there isn't any posts there yet, just wait. There will be soon. Thank you for reading.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

I got a message from my friend W@W this morning on Imvu. There is a user on the Irish MSP ''. The name of this person is 'Dazzling Dumplin' She also has a UK user by the same name. This is the same girl who practically stalked my best friend Isha after she deleted her as her best friend on vintage. Here are the prints of dazzling dumplin talking to W@W's friend on Irish MSP.

This user is NOT me. I have only ever had one account on Irish which was ! Amy !. I quit ages ago and don't go on it. I have reported this girl to MSP along with these pictures. It is wrong to
impersonate another user. She needs to learn.

Love always. Roxy.