Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Nice to see Candi has posted about me and Alisha again. Saying I lied. Well obviously not, you can clearly see its an edit. She thinks her fans and my fans are stupid but we all no thats not the case. She is just manipulating everyone to make me and Alisha looks like bad people. Shes just a compulsive liar who needs to stop posting, and worrying about mine and Alishas lives, and maybe get one of her own?

Candi says shes not backing down? Well neither am I, this will go on forever unless she stops posting. Bet she wishes she never brought this whole thing up again saying Karma, pathetic.

She claims about bullying, she has no idea what bullying is! I have felt nothing but bullied and victimised by her for years, but she gets the sympathy and all your 'love' how is this fair. Shes the bully WHY CAN YOU GUYS SEE THAT!?
Its stupid. Im sick of it, you have no idea what I'd give to just not have her on my back STALKING me constantly!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lately, I have a load of hate from Candired and her blog. I want to put a few things straight. I will go through each blog post shes done and tell you the real 'Truth'...

So candi goes on about me copying her all the time, ifs it not her fun day, its her looks. I only made that look copied from candi because she kept saying 'Karma Roxy' and sticking her nose in about a situation that had NOTHING TO DO with her, She was annoying me and I wanted to see how she'd like being copied!
Anyway, copying. When me, Alishak and Adept decided to do a Easter egg hunt using our movies. We made these artbooks and movies way before Candi made her artbook, and if u look back at the comments u will see the proof from that!

So who's the hypocrite now, hmm?

Secondly Candi constantly bashes my bff Alisha. However what she says about her is LIES!
Alisha DID NOT CURSE on msp! Its lies using paint, Want proof?

See the lines around the bubbles them self's? Its quite obvious Alisha wouldn't swear on msp anyway so if that and them pictures aren't proof enough, I don't no what is.

I won't let candired hurt me anymore, I won't let her bring me down. She is a hypocrite, a bully and a LIAR!
And people who believe her lies are just as bad!

If its not bad enough she calls me and Alisha in her blog, shes now making movies named after us!

Msp, being the kiss ups to candi that they are, have deleted my artbook, which is kind and doesn't call her but they can't get her to take her blog down. Fair? Anyway read this, because I stand by it!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

As I said in my last post I was going to do more fun things around the blog and tell you things I like.
I have decided to do a top 5 every Saturday, Of Anything I want.
This week its: MY TOP ALBUMS This year!

I made a poster for this event:

In that poster I made are a few of the albums I will mention today. 
Hope you enjoy the countdown. Make sure you comment listing your favorite albums this year to, it will be good to learn what other people like!

5. Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 experience
Justin Timberlake earlier this year returned making music with 'The 20/20 Experience' Album. It went to number 1 in the Uk, Usa, and lots more. It was one of the best selling albums of the year. It was released in March. In the album we see Justin Timberlake become more soulful instead of his usual. I love the song Mirrors from the Album, It is one of my all time favorite songs, the video from it is fantastic and matches the incredible lyrics.

4. LITTLE MIX: Salute 
Although i'm not a massive fan of Little Mix, I love there new album. Its like my 'guilty pleasure' I think its a fantastic album with great songs to match. I like nearly every song on this album besides one or two.

3. Katy Perry: Prism
The top three was my hardest to chose out of. The're all fantastic in there own way but I had to put one of them at number 3. Katy Perry's 2nd album 'Teenage Dream' was one of my all time favorite albums ever (You can probs tell this since I made a series basted on one of the songs 'Last Friday Night') I was so existed for this one to come out and it did live up to my expectations 100%. My favorite songs from the album are 'Dark Horse', 'Walking on air' and obviously 'Roar'. This album is as good if not better than teenage dream, I love how she has changed the style around from cute and colorfully girly to more grown up and touching. Great job Katy!

2. Lady Gaga: Artpop
Only god knows how existed I was for this album. I checked online every day for news on it and when It finally came out it did no disappoint. Her last album 'Born this way' (like teenage dream) was one of my all time favorites, I loved how it was so optimistic towards different cultures and way of life. This album is NOTHING like Born this way (Besides the talent) it is more fun and obviously artistic. As she said in Applause 'Arts in pop culture in me'. My best songs from the album are 'Applause', 'Venus' and the best song (In my opinion) of the year 'Do what you want'. This album is amazing and I think you should all buy it and download the songs!

1. Miley Cyrus: Bangers
Alot of people right now will be saying 'WHAT' but I personally love the new Miley even better than the old one. I think she is finally being herself and expressing it through her new album 'Bangers'. I love how open she is in the album and how she isn't scared to take a risk. So Miley hasn't just wrecked her way to the top of all the charts in the world, she has also made the top of mine. To show you guys how much I love Miley I made a look series about her in September/October. I feel I can relate to her in so many ways, through the hate she has been getting for just being her self and creating music. I was just being myself and making movies. So I think we can all learn alot from her.

Thanks for reading and thanks to all them music artists for releasing these fantastic pieces of art.

Roxy out.

Friday, 6 December 2013


I made this blog so I could talk to my msp fans more intermitaly, and so I could express my likes and dislikes. From now on I won't be talking about the 'Angelings' or Candired or Holly. There not worth my typing and this isn't because I'm 'giving up' Its because I want this whole thing to die down because tbh I'm not losing movie views and thats what they want, so they're just ruining themself tbf.

I will talk about things I like, Changed around Msp, and maybe hate from different directions on the site but not them. 

Roxy Out. 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Candired and Hollies false claims!

Candired and Holly recon I made that comment of them slating me and Fran. 

Why would I do that. I'm not that sad.
(Candi and Holly made there own fake comment them self) then changed dates around to make me look like the bad one. HA. No one will believe you and your peaty lies!

Roxy out.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

When will the bullying end?

Hollyreene wishes me and Fran were never born? 

Abit far don't you think.. :s

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Angelings: Are they really gods gift!?

Recently I passed Candired on Highscores.

It was something that was going to happen because of movie views, and the fame I was getting. No matter what she did she couldn't stop me. I enjoy making movies. I'm not going to tell people not the watch them to please one user am I?

When I passed her, I got alot of hate from a group on msp, to your surprise they are called 'ANGEL-lings' Or 'Angelings' This group is meant to be peaceful and calm but over the last week that has not been the case!

Almost all the haters I have had hate from are angelings, this group that was formed by non other than Candireds best friend Holly. I made an artbook to thank my friends and fans for helping me to 2nd Place. I never thought it would happen so I wanted to thank them as any normal nice human being would do.

This is just half of the comments I got on it (FROM THE ANGELINGS)

Then I got messages on my wall, not just bashing me but bashing my bff Alishak, just because she isn't an Angeling.

Want to no what both these wall and artbook comments have in common? 
There all angelings.
According to Hollyreene all the non-angelings must be 'evilings' abit harsh don't you think? ALSO She is meant to be an angel? Peaceful right?.. well why is she declaring war in her blog post there?

Also not anyone can be an angeling. You have to not like me. You can ask my boyfriend who not knowing how mean Holly was sent her a friend request and this is what she came back with..

So note yourself: If you'e a fan of me and my friends, you're an "EVILING" and you can't be involved with Holly and the "Angelings"... Lovely. 

Below is a recent Artbook Made by Candired directed towards me because I made negative comments about her movies, therefore I must be a Bully right Candired?:

What happened was, I had a private conversation on Msp with someone who asked me about what I thought of Candi's movies and I gave an honest opinion. Ever, since Candired has been spreading this on friends blog saying this is the reason why I got to 2nd place on highscores. Really Candired?  I do not need to put your movies down to make fame. Don't you ever see my movie views? Are you also trying to say you've never watched a movie on Msp or in real even and have a negative thing to say about that movie? I have, cos I'm human and I'm honest. Saying something negative about a movie is NOT the definition of a bully-.- There have been many times when you and your friends have been witnessed in chatrooms putting my name and my friends like ishacool, Fran Is Epic, Alishak's name down in a negative light but no one went after you calling you a bully!! Personally attacking someone in my opinion IS a Bully and that is what ishacool was trying to explain in her artbook, Hollyreene so please don't get it twisted.