Thursday, 14 August 2014

I got a message from my friend W@W this morning on Imvu. There is a user on the Irish MSP ''. The name of this person is 'Dazzling Dumplin' She also has a UK user by the same name. This is the same girl who practically stalked my best friend Isha after she deleted her as her best friend on vintage. Here are the prints of dazzling dumplin talking to W@W's friend on Irish MSP.

This user is NOT me. I have only ever had one account on Irish which was ! Amy !. I quit ages ago and don't go on it. I have reported this girl to MSP along with these pictures. It is wrong to
impersonate another user. She needs to learn.

Love always. Roxy.


  1. Yes this is so true you wouldn't lie about this acc but please add me my msp UK is Selina Gommaz just in case you do add me :) ps that is soooo low

  2. Pathetic low lives these days, have nothing to do than impersonate ppl and not be themselves -.- x

  3. THIS IS A LIE, Dazz is us an Angeling!
    When Isha/Vintage and Dazz broke up all Isha said I gave u greets -.- Friendship not Fame!!
    I know Dazz she is also my BFF

  4. Roxy this is NOT me! I am now an Angeling, why would I want to impersonate you? And for your information, you cannot speak, as YOU copied your friends photo, acting like she was you! There are so amny things to say that is NOT me. I do NOT dress that way, AND IT IS OBVIOUS, WHY CANT YOU SHOW MY FULL NAME IF IT WAS ME?!!?! Stop your lies, and get a life!!!! Roxy, when do you stoppp?